From Room to Tablet: Why are Succulents So Popular

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Succulents Are Everywhere: The Fast-Spreading Trend

Succulents, those small and spiky plants with the wide variety of colors and patterns, are everywhere. These trendy little plants have been popping up in gardens all over the world this year. They’re a fun way to add some color to your home décor without having to spend lots of money!

Their biggest benefit is that they require very little care, making them a perfect houseplant. You can even try dying succulents with food coloring to make them more colorful! However, since they are trendy and often more expensive than typical plants, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about how to take care of succulents.

Dying Succulents With Food Coloring

In colder climates, succulents need protection from the cold weather outside waiting for springtime when temperatures will get into their ideal range again (50s-80s). In warmer climates with mild winters like California where most people have an indoor greenhouse environment year round already, winter isn’ much different from fall/spring for succulents.

Succulents can grow quite large, but they won’t be able to stay that way if you’re trying to fit them into a smaller container with limited sunlight. Succulent plants need at least six hours of direct sunlight each day in order to thrive and produce the colorful flowers or leaves (depending on their type) that make them so popular. If your succulent is getting less than this amount of light, move it somewhere brighter!

Another reason for their popularity is diversity, which makes them great for home decor. They come in many different colors, shapes and sizes which help create a fun atmosphere to your house or garden.

The bottom line is that succulents are here to stay! Whether you want them in your yard because they’re easy-care plants or you prefer something smaller for your office desk, there’s no denying the popularity of these little spiky wonders!