Seawall Construction: A Guide to Building a Strong and Long Lasting Seawall

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The Most Powerful Seawall Construction System

Seawall construction Michigan is a process that requires knowledge and experience. It can be problematic for those who are unfamiliar with the process, but it’s also not an impossible task to complete.

Choose the right location – The first step in building your seawall is deciding where to place it. You need good access to water and land; while some people choose lowland areas others may find higher ground more suitable. Once you’ve settled on a site make sure there’s enough room for the size of your wall (at least 15 feet).

Choose what kind of seawall you want – There are two main types of seawalls, concrete and rock. Both have their benefits but typically the type chosen is determined by how much space there is to work with.

Seawall Construction Michigan

Rock Seawall: With a rock seawall it’s important to choose the right type of stone. Some stones are too brittle and will break apart while others won’t hold up against water pressure.

Concrete Seawall: Concrete is more expensive than using rocks but it can last longer if done correctly. Make sure you use quality base materials like concrete mix, gravels, sand , etc., when mixing your concrete for maximum results.

Choose an appropriate foundation – Once you’ve decided on what kind of seawall you want to build then comes the decision about what material makes the most sense for your particular site (i.e., soil conditions). You need something that’s able to withstand erosion in high winds or heavy rain.

Build your seawall – Once you’ve decided on the foundation and walls for your seawall it’s time to build! You can do this by hand or hire someone to complete the process for you if necessary. Make sure that whatever tools are used they don’t damage surrounding vegetation.